Leading the rise

Leading the Rise

A Leadership Accelerator for Women

Developing next-level leaders in the Bay Area

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Leaders Are Not Born.

They Are Made. 

Leading the Rise takes millennial women on a journey of redefining effective leadership. 


How it Works


Alexandra Crosswell, PhD., a psychological scientist and leadership consultant, coaches early-career professionals on excelling in the Bay Area's challenging start-up world.

Working as a consultant with Four Bridges Advisory, Alexandra found that rapidly scaling companies have largely ignored the need to invest in the development of their next-level leaders, leaving a gap in talent as companies grow. 

Leading the Rise was developed to address this gap.  The curriculum is based on research from the psychological sciences, business case studies, and experiences working with rapidly scaling start-ups. The target audience is women who want to learn the management skills and mindset to excel in their high-demand jobs. The program blends traditional coaching strategies with cognitive behavioral techniques to put high potential leaders on a journey of learning and growth.

Sound like what you need? Contact Alexandra to setup an initial meeting.  


How do I get my next promotion? How do I excel at my job? How do I shine at work and also have time for myself? How do I find meaning in my work?  

These are some of the questions we will address in Leading the Rise, along with addressing following topics:

  • Develop fundamental management skills
  • Understand what it means to be an effective leader
  • Identify and cultivate your individual strengths
  • Learn ways to cope with challenging people and a high-stakes workplace.
  • Connect and develop deep relationships with like-minded women. 


Being an effective manager requires an understanding of your own values, strengths, work style, and goals. Through the forum, you will identify your strengths and leadership style, master effective communication of your intentions and emotions, and develop essential management skills. In order to retain top talent companies need to invest in the development of next-level leaders. Successfully scaling companies get that. 


"You can't manage other people unless you manage yourself first. " - Peter Drucker, Business Visionary


Leading the Rise participants come from: